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ddbmock 0.3.1

This section documents all user visible changes included between ddbmock versions 0.3.0 and versions


  • 100% tests coverage
  • add basic tests for pyramid entry-point (#1)
  • add plenty of unit and functional tests. Coverage is 100%
  • add support for all ALL_OLD ALL_NEW UPDATED_OLD UPDATED_NEW in UpdateItem
  • add accurate field size calculation
  • add accurate item size calculation
  • add accurate table size calculation
  • add MAX_TABLES check at table creation


  • accurate table statuses
  • fix pyramid entry-point
  • fix list validations. Len limitation was not working
  • attempt to store empty field/set raise ValidationError (#4)
  • accurate exception detection and reporting in UpdateTable
  • accurate hash_key and range_key size validation
  • accurate number limitations (max 38 digits precision; between 10^-128 and 10^+126)
  • rename connect_boto to connect_boto_patch + compat layer
  • rename connect_ddbmock to connect_boto_network + compat layer
  • block PutItem/UpdateItem when bigger than MAX_ITEM_SIZE


Nothing mandatory as this is a minor release but, I recommend that you:

  • rename connect_boto to connect_boto_patch
  • rename connect_ddbmock to connect_boto_network

ddbmock 0.3.0

Initial ddbmock release. This is alpha quality sofware. Some import features such as “Excusive Start Key”, “Reverse” and “Limit” as well as BatchWriteItem have not been written (yet).


  • entry-point WEB (network mode)
  • entry-point Boto (standalone mode)
  • support for CreateTable method
  • support for DeleteTable method
  • support for UpdateTable method
  • support for DescribeTable method
  • support for ``GetItem method
  • support for PutItem method
  • support for DeleteItem method
  • support for UpdateItem method (small approximations)
  • support for BatchGetItem method (initial)
  • support for Query method (initial)
  • support for Scan method (initial)
  • all comparison operators
  • aggresive input validation

Known bugs - limitations

  • no support for BatchWriteItem
  • no support for “Excusive Start Key”, “Reverse” and “Limit” in

Query and Scan - no support for “UnprocessedKeys” in BatchGetItem - Web entry-point is untested, fill bugs if necessary :)

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