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DynamoDB is a minimalistic NoSQL engine provided by Amazon as a part of their AWS product.

DynamoDB is great in production environement but sucks when testing your application. Tables needs roughtly 1 min to be created, deleted or updated. Items operation rates depends on how much you pay and tests will conflict if 2 developers run them at the same time.

ddbmock brings a tiny in-memory(tm) implementation of DynamoDB API. It can either be run as a stand alone server or as a regular library helping you to build lightning fast unit and functional tests :)

ddbmock does not intend to be production ready. It will loose you data. you’ve been warned! I currently recommend the “boto extension” mode for unit-tests and the “server” mode for functional tests.


Want to contribute, report a but of request a feature ? The development goes on BitBucket:

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